Hi, I’m Seth and this is my blog

Hello world (or anyone other than my mom reading this), my name is Seth Marcaccio and in this blog I will share my running experiences and thoughts about the sport or life in general as I please. For starters, I am not an English student and my grammar might not be perfect all the time so I apologize for that. The whole point of starting this blog is mostly to look over my training from time to time and be able to look over race recaps in a more in depth look.

I took up the sport of distance running in 2011 mostly as a way to stay in shape for hockey, soccer and wrestling. But as my love for those sports dwindled, my love for running took over. I was running about 60k/week in high school and was never a standout. I went to Western for a year to study music but is was not for me so I left and ended up quitting running all together.

I got back into the sport in 2014 and began training a little harder. I started running about 100k/week and gradually progressed to 120k/week for 2014, 140k-160k/week in 2015 and eventually 160-180k/week in 2016. Currently I am about to start marathon training and have built my mileage up to 200-220k/week. I have seen my 10k times drop over 12 minutes since I started the sport and hope to break 30 minutes in 2017. I would also like to break 2:20 in my marathon debut on May 7th in Pittsburgh.

One word that describes my running would be “grinder”. I am by no means talented and I have pretty abysmal form but I work hard. There is nothing I love more than getting out and grinding the miles everyday and that is what keeps me in the sport. I love racing but there is nothing better than training.

I hope that if anyone actually reads this, they will be inspired to run because there is no sport like this. I will admit there is going to be a lot of pain and questioning as to why are you doing this. The thing I love most about this sport is that you get what you put into it. If you work hard and train hard, there is nothing stoping you from achieving greatness.

I will try to keep this blog updated as best I can but I am not making any promises! 

Enjoy the grind,


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